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Trentons Tigers

Hello - I'm Trenton Kindred, a.k.a. Trenton’s Tigers –

(Greg & Ginger’s youngest son)

I'm 14 years old in March this year and a survivor of Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer


Please Donate and/or Join my team Trenton’s Tigers and come run with us and Picnic – it’s a huge event and a Blast!


I celebrated my 13th year cancer free and although I had a long fight to live and beat this beast - I consider myself a miracle and one of the lucky kids!  My parents worry the most!  And yeah, it stinks that I still must go thru more testing/bloodwork/I.V’s and MRI’s every year, but I’m alive and I’m thankful for all the prayers that surround me every day!


But it can’t stop there, I hear about other kids fighting still every day and kids that don’t make it to where I am with my fight and it makes me sad!  That’s why me and my family support CURE Childhood Cancer – my Trenton Kindred Fund monies go to research to find a CURE for more kids! 


Every year me and my friends and family run for a CURE in Lauren’s Run.  I hope you can donate and/or join us!


If you’d like to know about my journey - My mom & dad added my story for you to read below and how you can help!




A day our family will never forget, March 18th 2005 when Trenton was diagnosed - 5 days after celebrating his one year birthday – he was given a 15-20% chance of survival of Stage IV Neuroblastoma Cancer – the treatment was 19-months long which involved up to 9-months of hospital time – he endured 5 rounds of chemo, surgeries, two (yes 2) bone marrow transplants, 21 days of radiation being put to sleep for all, then 6 months of oral chemo - after those 19-months he was then given a 40% chance of relapse within 5 years and no known cure if he relapsed.  Every year since, there’s more scans, testing, bloodwork and new beginnings!



Please join Trenton's Team and please consider donating DIRECTLY TO Trenton’s Tigers Fund right here on this Website page we’ve set up - Help us reach our goal by sharing his story and giving your network the link to Trenton’s Tigers!


Every day is a Gift! 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us in this fight towards a CURE for childhood cancer to find a CURE in our Lifetime!! We can do this!


The Kindred Family

Ginger, Greg, Taylor & TRENTON


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