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Pirates Of The CUREibbean

Welcome to The Pirates of the Cureibbean Team



We are competing with 9 other FUND RAISING Teams and our initial goal is to raise $12,600.00 which represents $100.00 for each member of the Team.  The Team that achieves the highest percentage of their goal will win the Fundraising Competition. The winning FUND RAISING Team members and the corresponding RACE TEAM members will receive a ½ day of vacation time, bragging rights for the entire year and the satisfaction of knowing that your hard work has made a huge difference in the hunt for a cure. 


There are also prizes for the top 3 individual FUND RAISERS for those with job titles below AVP.


1st Place:          Trip for 2 to the 2019 Choice Awards Trip

2nd Place:         $1,000 Gift Card and 1 day off

3rd Place:         $500 Gift Card and 1 day off


To be eligible for ANY prize, you must be registered on the FUND RAISING site, have joined THE PIRATES OF THE CUREIBBEAN team and raised money.


For those that have already registered, joined the team and donated – THANK YOU!!!

Everyone else, please take action today.  Our CEO has challenged all teams to achieve 100% employee participation so please, TAKE ACTION TODAY. Register and start planning your fund raising efforts.  For fund raising ideas see the “Local Fundraising Documents” on the Intranet Site. Please pass along your ideas so we can share them with the other Team members.


Deadline is September 21, 2018 at 11:59 EST so get started now




Rick Clayton



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